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SuperCoin (SUPER) is an X11 PoW/PoS hybrid that has a 90 second block time and a difficulty retargetting each block. The PoS block time is 20 seconds per block with a high first year annual rate of 100%, dropping to 50% in year 2, and a final 1% in year 3. The PoW payout halves the block reward every 45 days from an initial 512 SUPER, to a minimum of 1 coin per block. There are also superblocks every 3 hours of 4x the normal payout, every day of 16x the normal payout, and every five days 128x the normal payout. There was a 5% premine for IPOing the coin.

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Mevcut Arz 54,139,956 SUPERC
Toplam Arz 150,000,000 SUPERC
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