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Toplam Piyasa Değeri $2,537.68B
24 saat Toplam Hacim $68.45B

Okex is a leading digital market exchange that has issued a token to celebrate the Chinese new year and to thank customers for their support. Through the issued token, Okex aims to develop a sharing community that allows all the participants to contribute to the improvement of the Okex platform.

OKB token is an Ethereum-based utility token (ERC 20) used to settle trading fees, participate in token-listing polls, deposits of verified merchants and rewards.

Pazar payı 0.19%
24s Açık $19.00
24s Düşük $17.55
24s Yüksek $19.07
BTC cinsinden fiyat 0.00039780899048 BTC
Mevcut Arz 269,444,864 OKB
Toplam Arz 1,000,000,000 OKB
Piyasa değeri $4,868,868,608
24s Hacim (coin) 8,220,728 OKB
24s Hacim (currency) $148,548,560
24h Toplam hacim (coin) 8,687,595 OKB
24saat Toplam hacim (kripto) $156.98M
Son güncelleme 2021-09-10 17:06:06 +01:00 BST
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